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Here are some topics I’ve covered as a columnist for the international Business Intelligence community:

  • 4 Reasons Why IT Must Market In-House to BI Users
  • 3 Best Practices for Marketing the IT Department to BI Users
  • The Powerful Position of a Servant
  • Conducting Meetings That Solve Problems
  • The Advantages of Specializing
  • How to Add Marketing Language to Your Good News
  • Four Principles for Making Your Customers Look Good
  • Using Secrets is Better than Keeping Them
  • Helping Employees Understand Their Role in the Organization
  • Respect Routines
  • The Importance of Small Talk
  • How to Turn Your “People Experiences” into Positive Interactions
  • Don’t Let BI Failure Statistics Stop You
  • Thoroughly Think It Through
  • The Role of Failure in BI Success
  • Choosing a Vendor
  • Keeping Shiny Objects in Perspective
  • Truth Is Better Than Fiction

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Here are a few of the BI/IT articles I’ve done. My assignment was to address the “history of terrible communication between BI users and IT.”